A l'arôme colonial (Torrefaction)...

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98 rue de Metz 
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Would you like a coffee Bonus? Yes, but which one. ...
From the doorstep crossed, let yourself be drunk by the subtle scent of roasted coffee: Italian, Costa Rican, mocha, Guatemalan, Brazilian or decaffeinated, Bernadette will advise you according to your tastes and desires.
At coffee time, yet some prefer tea: no problem, the shop has an impressive rack of famous teas "Dammann Frères", more than 80 kinds are represented.
And because the preparation of such beverage also needs attention, Bernadette also offers various coffee machines: coffee filter, piston ... his favorite: the grain mill that can reveal all the flavors of these remote crops .
In the second part of the store, delicatessen radius including the Maxim's brand to enrich your snacks or cocktails:
miniatures, liqueurs, jams, fudge, biscuits and mini waffles ...
On or off the premises? And yes because Bernadette knows that envy does not expect coffee, enjoy the sunny terrace facing the station as you relish those incomparable flavors

From 9:30 to 13h and 15h to 19h. Closed Mondays except school holidays
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