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Avenue du Verger 
GSM : 06 68 88 22 14

Decoration - Plants - Infusion Bar

Abaca is a small paradise atypical place where the sale of decorative objects, the plant, a wide range of infusions to be consumed inside or on terrace in an unusual and musical atmosphere conducive to relaxation. A refuge of well-being and escape. Lying on the loungers facing the park of pines, located on the prestigious avenue du Verger, you will enjoy delicious herbal teas, carefully selected coffee, Greek coffee, fresh fruit juice, homemade iced tea and detox drinks. .

All our products are targeted, some are from fair trade, others from organic farming or from small suppliers or artisans. The arrivals of plants are regular and bring a note of freshness to this place full of charm and exoticism. Here everything is for sale, leave with a piece of the decor, the chandelier hanging over your head, the chair on which you sit, the cup in which you enjoy your tea ...
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