With more than 70 restaurants of all kinds, stylish and cosy brasseries, world, themed or gastronomic cooking restaurants, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage offers, through its hotels and restaurants, refined gastronomy and high quality cuisine. The number and the diversity of the gourmet delights will satisfy all tastes: moules-frites (mussels and chips), welsh rarebit, “ratte du Touquet” (fine potato variety, grown in the area of Le Touquet), seafood, Pérard French Red Label fish soup, potjevlesch (Flemish traditional terrine in jelly prepared with several sorts of meats), shortbreads, chocolate ... the Opal Coast and Le Touquet-Paris-Plage are a rich gastronomic area from which talented chefs, such as starred chef William Elliott, emerged.
Find here in detail all our local specialties and restaurants.

The “Chat Bleu” chocolates
In Le Touquet, imitate the local people and do what they say: have a “Chat bleu” at any time!
When you taste one of the specialities of this famous local chocolate maker, you will understand why this shop, which was founded in 1912, is an institution of Le Touquet.
Succumb to their specialty, a dark chocolate filled with a creamy praline mousse between 2 sheets of crunchy nougatine, or let yourself be tempted by one of their 80 delicious chocolate flavours.

 A nugget under the earth:
The “ratte” (special potato) of Le Touquet

A perle growing in the ground:
The “ratte du Touquet”: exclusive variety of potatos cultivated around Le Touquet
Small size, firm shape, fine flesh and nutty flavour make of this exceptional patato variety an undisputed star of the culinary podiums.
Grown on the Opal Coast, around Le Touquet and in the Picardy region, this "perle” is fragile and requires a constant attention as it is sensitive to the lack of water and to cold and hot temperatures. Left out during a long time because of its too challenging growing indeed, the “Ratte du Touquet” patato has now won the heart of food lovers and gourmets again.
This potato is perfect to make small portions and gourmet presentations. Thanks to its small size and its quality flesh, which remains firm throughout the cooking process, it can be cooked in many different ways.
Today the “Ratte du Touquet” is indisputably the favourite potato of the renowned chefs. To the regional chefs who appreciate and regularly include the “Ratte du Touquet” in their menu, belong William Elliott from the Westminster Hotel and Spa ****, Alexandre Gautier and Christian Germain (in Montreuil-sur-Mer), who are three Michelin-starred chefs, known for their talent by enhancing the local produce.

 Perard Fish Soup  
The freshness of the catch of the day, the flavours of 5 species of fish, are so many reasons why the Pérard fish soup obtained the renowned French quality certification “Label Rouge” and remains the only rewarded soup in France as such. We recommend you to taste it quite hot, with a few croutons and a little Pérard “rouille” (spicy mayonnaise with crushed garlic and paprika, traditionally served with fish soups in France), it tastes still better!
Take your soup away or enjoy it at the restaurant «Chez Pérard» - 67, rue de Metz.
Don’t hesitate to taste also their crab soup and their delicious lobster soup.