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80 rue de Metz 
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Artisan confectioner, chocolatier, confectioner Serge likes to surprise us.
Thus according to his desires, his heart strokes (which can vary during the day) Serge is guided by his passion to create continuously "lavish" dessert: because in addition to playing with about 120 flavors (nothing for lightning), his creations are also eaten with eyes (remember we are talking about here Arts Gourmands !!). The basis of his creations remain noble products, great quality: Valrhona chocolate, Tahitian vanilla, butter Isigny, rum ...
Far removed from the concept mono product, Serge and his wife also love varied productions and also offer a wide range of macaroons (about 100 fragrances) of homemade meringues, chocolate spread and all other cookies made on the spot with "the love of job well done "that animates them and excited about their care.

Small privileged visitor: the clothing workshop opennecessarily the store with fresh and delicious sweet odors that emerge.

Tip: if a creation or fragrance tempts you, succumb on the risk of not finding a few hours later!

10h to 19h - 10h to 17h Sunday
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday (except school holidays)

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