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Salle des Quatre Saisons 
Avenue de l'Hippodrome 
T :
Sunday, January 13, 2019 at 18h
Four Seasons Room

With an irresistible smile and a solar personality, Amir is an authentic phenomenon.

Discovered in 2014 in The Voice, this French-Israeli performer was unanimous in representing France, in the competition of Eurovision, with the inevitable "I sought". "At the heart of me", his first double-platinum certified album, has sold three hundred thousand copies, and "Addiction", his second opus, released at the end of 2017 and filled with hits ("Que sera les hommes", " States of love "," The streets of my sorrow "...), takes the same path.

After having triumphed at La Cigale, L'Olympia and the Palais des Sports, Amir today extends "this bond of heart" to the public of the whole of France.On stage, the cocktail of Anglo-Saxon pop, hip-hop, electro and oriental music served by this humanist love lover, which is full of energy and charm, is to consume without moderation.

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