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37 rue de Paris 
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Partner of Touquet-Paris-Plage

The concept

A puzzle game in a team :
This Escape Game Le Touquet is made to test your skills in logic and team play. During this life-size escape game, be insightful and advance among the puzzle-filled pieces. In the given hour, take the clues at your disposal, analyze them and put them in relation. The success of your mission comes from the multitude of clues around you, but also from your spirit of cohesion and analysis during these 60 minutes to understand the meaning between each index.

The Principle :
You are between a group of 3 to 18 people maximum aged from 10 to 99 years, a mission is entrusted to you by a master of the game who will follow you during all the session and who will be able to possibly give you indications allowing you to advance. Achieve the goal set by it by remaining calm and organized, cohesion will be your main engine.But beware, the countdown has started and nothing stops the time !!

An original and unpublished entertainment in Le Touquet :
Whether you are a group of friends, a company. Come and test yourself in our rooms and especially come to entertain you in this new concept in Le Touquet.

Open every day from 10h to 21h30, from 3 to 18 players, from 18 € per person.

The tourist office sells the "Touquet killer challenge" escape from the tourist office for 45 €
A killer is rampant in the area. He challenges you to discover his future victim. Will you be insightful enough?
Duration: 1h30 / Distance: 2 km / Difficulty: Medium / Format: Digital
Download the Escapia app to PlayStore or Appstore on your phone or tablet. The day of your arrival, the unlock code will be provided to load the course.
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