Exhibition "Bernard PRAS"

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Exhibition "Bernard PRAS"
Angle avenue du château, avenue du golf 
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Until Sunday, May 20th, 2018

This winter and until spring 2018, the Museum of Touquet-Paris-Plage dedicates an exhibition to Bernard Pras, artist of international fame with amazing pictorial language. Halfway between painting and sculpture he assembles disparate objects whose shooting (through a lens or a lens) reveals a process of creation adopted as a common thread since 1997. Around fifteen works chosen by the artist , discover a singular approach through which he offers us a personal view of man and society.

The exhibition invests part of the museum with a set of photographs and installations particularly representative of its work. Through this selection the visitor perceives the way the painter plays with many objects of our daily life to which he offers a second life. It materializes iconographic subjects from the history of art or contemporary society.By assembling them in a manner that may seem arbitrary, Bernard Pras organizes an apparent chaos to make a portrait of the famous Salvador Dalí or the no less-known Catwoman, to name only these examples. He imagines, collects, assembles, photographs, moves, etc., the installation becoming work only once the objects frozen by the final shooting.

From the portrait to the masterpieces through the cinema or the landscape, this exhibition invites to perceive a double language of the objects which surround us: the object for what it is, and its relation with the image that we returns the edit when completed.
A word about the artist

Bernard Pras discovers painting at the age of 15 and does not move away from it, since through his anamorphoses it is still as a painter that he defines himself today. Over the years and his pictorial research, his practice of painting evolves as a logical continuity rather than a radical change. The artist changes palette and replaces brushes with objects, but always with the same painter's eye.Its collection of objects is closely related to the subject and vice versa, the choice being able to answer sometimes formal requirements, sometimes symbolic.
More than filling the white canvas, it is the "empty spaces" of a painting that interest him, in what they leave room for the imaginary, be it that of the artist or the spectator. Bernard Pras, plays with this space to build the illusion of an image, giving to see a poetic work that also questions the need for material accumulation.


Open every day except Tuesday From September to June: 14h-18h
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Admission: € 3.5 / € 2 / Free under conditions Free every 1st Sunday of the month
Accessibility: The museum is partially accessible to people with reduced mobility. Free parking available to visitors
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