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Au nord de la plage – cabine 40 
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Partner of Touquet-Paris-Plage


Located north of Touquet beach, HIPPOJEM is a beach club where life is good. In a welcoming environment, children will be able to fully enjoy trampolines, inflatable structures, bungee trampolines and other materials. Anxious for the development of your child, toddlers have a program of activities combining motor skills and awakening. For children over 6,
sports initiation is at the rendezvous. A multitude of sports in the morning and a maximum of activities in the form of great games, tournaments and competitions! Every day, the gifts will reward the children with their good mood and their will. The club dance, the make-up or the club challenge will animate the end of the day for your children. A teen club exists offering outdoor activities and great games on the beach for 11 - 16 years. The club is affiliated with Mickey's journal beach club

Opening period: SEASON 2018
Summer holidays :From Sunday 1st of July to Saturday 1st of September / continuous day 9h00-19h

Age categories :

2yrs - 3yrs: Chicks
4 years - 5 years: Sparrows
6 years - 7 years: P'tits Loups
8 to 10 years old: Juniors
11 to 13 years old and 14 to 16 years old: 2 teen groups


Since 1950, the club Hiipp'OJEM is primarily a club where you practice physical activity all day either in a directed activity, or taking advantage of the equipment of the club offered to children.

Taste and delivery of gifts (as entries to Disney, comics ...) every afternoon at 5:20 pm.


Chicks (2 years 3 years)
Sparrows (4 years - 5 years)

9h: Home - Free and Framed Games
10h30: 1h30 of activities of awakening, development motor skills
14h00: Home - Free and Framed Games
16h00: Coricojem games or coricojem contest
5:20 pm: Award ceremony
5:45 pm: Club dance, makeup
6:50 pm:Club Tour

In case of rain, we have a shelter of 30 m2
Possibility of lunch on the spot

Grand Ojem

Two groups: Ptits Loups (6-7 years old) and Juniors (8-10 years old)
Pre-teens (10 - 11 years old)

Schedule of a day :
9h: Home - Free and Framed Games, Warm Up
10:00 am: The Ptits Loups (6-7 years old)
Motor skills, skill games and athletic performance by age group.
Juniors (8 to 10 years old)
Athletics and Accro Gym
11h00: Initiation collective sports (Football, Baseball, Volley Ball)
12:00 pm: Question of lunch
3:15 pm: Group tournaments (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)
15h30: Competition (Wednesday and Friday) or framed games (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
5:20 pm: Awards ceremony
5:45 pm: Club challenge, juggling workshop, makeup
18h50: Club tour


- Diploma and experienced instructor
- Playful and adapted equipment for guided activities of animation and awakening
- Trampolines for all ages
- Inflatable castles
- Sunscreen available
- Water point
- Shaded area
- Shelter of fallback in case of bad weather
- Makeup workshops, juggling, dancing, etc.
- Group games workshop for children 6 to 12 years
- The measurement and performance sheets
- FAMILY barbecues (every Friday on 1 OJEM club)
- The weekly newspaper with photos and articles of children and parents

In case of rain, we have a shelter of 30 m2
Possibility of lunch on the spot.

Anniversary :

On reservation from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, under the supervision and support of a facilitator, celebrate your child's birthday with his best friends at the OJEM club: entertainment, access to the club, taste and drink, gift. Options: Makeup and mascot. 15 children maximum. Price: 130 €

You know our clubOjem Jeunesse and Ojem Mickey ?
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