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4 rue Saint Jean 
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Love tales of Andersen, and pioneer of trade Touquettois Monique is one of the last manageresses a dedicated exclusively to the memories of the station boutique items.

Since 1971, it offers visitors the opportunity pass to bring a "little bit" of Le Touquet as if to prove its commitment to the station of the 4 seasons that she herself could never bring himself to leave!

Objects in the image of Le Touquet in all its forms: stickers, magnets, bowls, mugs, tea towels, snow globes, under glass, cutting boards ... Monique is also the origin of the first currency Touquettoise !!

Nostalgic Touquet prewar, you will find an outstanding collection of old postcards (do not talk to him playing, you be angry hostess !!)

Former "artisante shells" Monique also pays tribute to his shop on the seafront in everything that composes: ship, dolls shell, reproductionelegant 20s swimsuit, nautical decor ... a real Ali Baba's cave to give a salty air to your home

With Laurence smiling, Monique is open daily from 10am to 12.30pm and from 14h to 19h
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