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Salle des Quatre Saisons 
Avenue de l'Hippodrome 
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Friday, October 18, 2019, at 8:30 pm
Four Seasons Room
Organized by Barrière Casino Le Touquet

First part: Mirabeau DJ set

At the sources of Synapson, there are two young people planted at almost two ends of France. In Paris, it's Alex, a jazz pianist, who dreams of being used to smoky back-rooms of yesteryear where old cats improvise the tunes of Billie Holiday.
And south, here is Paul, DJ of a band that enters the garage and the skatepark juggle with the rhymes of Eminem and Wu-Tang. It takes a vacation so that one forms with the other a duet. It was a long time ago and it was already a fusion. "Alex was the only one I could talk to for hours of music," says Paul. "Paul was immediately like an alter-ego," says Alex.
Together, these two are not slow to melt their inspirations according to a natural mechanism.As soon as Paul joins Alex in Paris, they begin to purr the machines, keyboards and drum machines, to give birth to the first colors of Synapson.
"A mix of atmospheres," they note, where jazz and rap are lacquered with soul melodies and
house buzzing.
Their music is that of a thousand passions, a matter of heart, which ends up having the chameleon tone of what one listens everywhere, along a road and in the heat of a
club. And who quickly has a curriculum vitae: after Haute Couture, a first EP published in
In 2010, the Synapsons released in 2015 the famous Convergence. A disc dedicating the links
uniting old friends by spinning a limpid electro-pop as if they had never
does that one. "It's as if all of a sudden, we had each one in our corner to perfectly dance the other." One thing, again: the voice. Because they are lovers of
this soul, where the words give flesh to the lines of notes, the Synapson summon there
a string of artists including the delicate Anna Kova, incarnation of All in You, the title of this second album which will be devoted platinum disc after having elapsed
150,000 copies.
In 2018, the friends of always release their second album, Super 8. Like this old camera which fixes the happy memories, the eponymous disc is a notebook of thirteen pieces
unfolding these infusions that fed the sap of the two producers. From sounds to emotions,
to the landscapes. "We are the image of our generation, we are made of
everything, "say the boys.
Listen to All The Way Down, where Marshall's hoarse, hoarse voice draws the contours of a funk cabaret in a suburb of Philadelphia, flirting with the compressed bass of Night Time. where the rapper Beat Assaillant commands us to live in a proud rabble, which we turn to What we want, a confusing walk where we see under
a clear night an "ocean opal" since the long sight of singer Tim Dup, beautifully grim
in Christophe of the beautiful era. And then there's the discoizing run of Hide Away, thoroughly
cash on Californian higwhay, or the country stuffed with bourbon of Sex You
Up. A dreamlike stroll punctuated by Shoot Again, a codeine tale of the only Synapson,
who is pitching the same way at the end of the summer and whispers in his ear that everything has to start all over again.
As usual, the Synapsons built Super 8 in the style of real goldsmiths, bypassing each little point of their compositions by trusting their instincts first. They smile: "We are self-taught. We never know what we will do next. We are moving forward, that's all. "In recent seasons, the Synapsons have traveled around the world several times to wear their music.

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